Changing Note of Reference
One thing is clear – the common trend is to enter a New Year with a slimmer wallet, especially his year as the world crawls out of recession. Predictably, more people are trekking into Café Dez Amis for breakfast as the year progresses. On the Presidential route, next door to the President’s house. This is why we picked out Friday to ponder politics, economy, relationships, success and business, and to see whether we can find a common spot to revel in town that night. It’s that simple, some people are not going to change their lifestyles by much in a recession although we all feel the pinch. Besides, in West Africa, a drought is a better catalyst to change diets.

However, it seems that new opportunities for development are springing up everywhere in Africa. I hear talk of friends delving into a profitable million-dollar poultry farm, whilst others literally transport factories down from overseas. Although there is little ‘new monies’ in circulation, the bite of the global recession does not seem to affect the whizzes that thrive in cash-driven economies. Were they better suited for the changing economic climate? Maybe. There is talk of Porsche coming to Ghana. Ermenegildo Zegna set up Su Misura in Nigeria to the few who want to fit their suits to brogues and belts. Globacom is competing against western telecom giants with home turf advantage. It is a New World Order. The other side to Meritocracy: Cash or Debit, no Credit. Saa!*

If the entrepreneurial trend expands into the manufacturing industry and international standards become the barometer [wishful song], our economic status will stabilise soon enough. Banks like Fidelity, Zenith and Stanbic will soon find ways to kickstart the cycle and invest in young entrepreneurial activity on this promising new frontier. Till then, it’s that Kenyan strong brew till 9am at Café Dez Amis, while we muse over winning the World Cup.