Welcome to the Africon era. This is the beat of perfectly timed music, conundrums of African drum, he who hears the beat, feels. Step to the rhythm of another beat - in the making of the ultimate manual for the newbian. What we say, what you read, if we must, should make you see. Play the tune, don't assume, smell the fumes, a silver crest of a nu black moon. From this edition onwards, I promise to make you feel the worth of mother Africa, that we may see ourselves in the right light, and blaze a trail for the next generation and those that are lost, and cannot be proud enough to wear their own weavers.

Let break it down like a prism would; like white light exposed in their seven real colours, roygbiv. All CANOE wants to do is to breathe into us a new life, lifestyles that are worth emulating. Some people stock pile our editions like they are conversation pieces worth saving. Even for the times when we have got the picture wrong, or the story twisted, please note that the editor of CANOE, his oarsmen and women are navigating through pseudo realities. We will tell you the truth, and one day, picture perfect, blueprint in black. Enjoy the read.