Of the SEVEN [7] wonders of the ancient world [listed for their momentous features - by Antipater], the only ONE still surviving today, erected between 2584 and 2561 BC, by fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu, is the Great Pyramid of Giza. Impressively, the mysteries of Khufu’s pyramid still being disentangled today, boasts the genius and architectural savoir-faire of our progenitors. While this pyramid may still challenge present day structures on different fronts, there are other contemporary cityscapes, architects, and developments that are monumentally noteworthy; enough to warrant CANOE’s exhibition on ‘SHELTER’.

These structures are reviewed on anything from the prime land on which they sit, design[s], commissioner[s] and architect[s], to the interior and exterior facets including decor, furnishing, style, and amenities such as water, and power, that make them praise and print worthy. As certain as CANOE remains a sailing vessel of luxuriant African perspectives, we couldn’t help but review “A,” probably not African, nonetheless A… masterpiece from inception.

Great buildings, from the inside out, require a balance between the visual aesthetic and the merit for which they are constructed. Like any period work of art, they may be bland, retro, contemporary, futuristic, revolutionary, or bizarre. While outstanding structures become landmarks, representative of a design philosophy, or themselves defining an era, countless others simply fade into the terrain.

Mans’ continuously evolving quest for comfort and luxury has forged innovative devices, driving our living spaces towards a Minority Report. When gates open automatically to rotating carousels and vertically stacked car ports; intelligent stereo equipment that identify, select and play your preferred genre of music; furniture that disappear into the walls and ground; refrigeration units that remotely order groceries from select shops; … Shelter may not entirely advocate the succession of Khufu and the great pyramid of Giza, but fine living in contemporary times do have a certain je ne sais quoi.