53 SAILS  

Do you have a Flag?

It was difficult to understand the concept of a flag as I was growing up. We stood underneath and revered it. Its colours could be explained entrenched in history. Gradually, we accepted that the flag represented a sence of patriotism for a people or cause. As CANOE 53 SAILS embraces the progress of all 53 countries in Africa, we hope to inspire a unity, only divided by virtual boundaries.

Africa is at a great time in its history. It will be another ‘First’ time that we find Giants like Barrack Obama and Lewis Hamilton inspire generations with their uniquely developed skill and the sheer audacity to succeed. We must believe that if they can, we can too. The rippling effect has endless opportunities for us and future generations. The intelligence, beauty and potential of the continent well harnesed, guarantees us an elevated lifestyle in a fast developing world.


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