This year has started with a positive and inspired CANOE team. After a few knocks en route many successes, we at CANOE HQ are set to give you yet another amazing year of images and stories from an Africa that grows in purposeful pride. We wish you a healthy and prosperous 2009. Your contribution is simple: Let others see hope when the sun shines, help them hold out a little longer until the rains come, celebrate with them under the rainbow and be proud to tell them what we are building together.

Our most memorable lesson of 2008 attested us Africans beyond stereotyped feats. Barack Hussein Obama Jr. mastered this in his effectual triumph as the World’s Premiere Leader. If nothing at all, this must inspire you to can hesitation and procrastination when you have adequate skills and the main obstacle is prejudice. Have Audacity. Yes you can! And only we can do it for ourselves. The African soil continues to sprout many an Obama, with smaller platforms than the esteemed world leader, but no less significant. We rock! And if you short-change yourself, or have no faith in the ability of your people, then there is no place for you in the New World Order.


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