We enter this festive season with another truly inspired edition, painstakingly put together by an ever growing team of enthusiasts, that has its own story to tell about the current recessive climate.
On behalf of the entire CANOE Team, I wish every reader Afehyia Pa.

As a people, we will still celebrate this spell joyously. However lets approach the new year with thought and caution. As we cut our losses, rebuild the broken and correct the errors we made, let's remember that 2010 can only be better with our cohesive efforts.

Africa remains an immensely beautiful continent with the only real potential for any prolific growth. Let's not loosely compare our 50 year independence to the 'Developed' who have decades of maturity ahead of us. Let's be more realistic with our circumstances and environment; learn from their mistakes, some which look better than they really are.

The CANOE philosophy is to focus on our strengths; Work closer together, and not sink the boat. If you have found time to read this piece, take time to enjoy this exciting and RARE report - what you probably missed or didn't know is waiting at the turn of the next page.

We hope we can inspire a new you. And a prosperous New Year.